8474 Visitors of the 2024 FH-DCE Super Rally®

8474 Visitors of the 2024 FH-DCE Super Rally®

8474 Visitors of the 2024 FH-DCE Super Rally® 1920 1080 Super Rally 2024

8474 Visitors of the 2024 FH-DCE Super Rally®

The weeks are passing by, and it’s time to balance the official 2024 FH-DCE Super Rally® results. This year’s gathering of H-D, Buell, and Indian enthusiasts at ATC Merkur, Pasohlavky, Czech Republic, was visited by a total of 8,474 visitors, including 6,327 motorbikes.

“This event was pure fun, every day and night. Lots of good friends with some amazing food and great beer in between. It was excellent work done by every individual of H-DC Moravia!” mentioned Sakke Rantanen, FH-DCE secretary, after the Rally.

Organizers experienced some difficulties throughout the event, including the need to feed the massive number of attendees with appropriate breakfast every day, minor bike accidents on the campsite, and not the best weather throughout the whole Friday, which was supposed to be the main day of the Rally.

“We have done everything in our power to fix or prevent issues that happened prior to and during the event. I must say, we expected the Rally to be not easy to take care of, but it was a much harder job than expected. We are calculating an approximate loss of around 800-1,200 attendees from surrounding locations who did not arrive for the weekend due to the bad weather conditions on Friday,” added Martin Vandas, vice president of H-DC Moravia and president of the 2024 Super Rally®.

The entertainment program, including the best worldwide revival bands such as AC/DC, Rammstein, and ZZ Top, took place at the UNCS stage throughout the weekend. Most of the visitors gathered at the main area on Saturday evening to see who would be the lucky winner of the Harley-Davidson lottery raffle.

“We are honestly happy that the main lottery prize winner was physically at the Rally when the prize was given out to him. On top of that, his young age and pure excitement when being called up to the stage was really an amazing thing to see,” commented Antonin Zamazal, H-DC Moravia president.

To sum it up, organizer H-DC Moravia, as well as the attendees and overseeing Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe, were all happy with the ongoing Rally happenings as well as outcomes. It’s a very difficult and special event to take care of; however, the opportunity given to successfully ride through it makes it the most challenging.

“This is the first time ever in Super Rally® I heard nobody complaining about the clean toilets, showers, or quality of breakfast being served. I thank once again the whole Rally team and wish the future organizers to take a good example from what has been done in the Czech Republic this year,” finished FH-DCE secretary Sakke Rantanen.

As per tradition, the FH-DCE Super Rally journey will continue next year. H-DC Moravia has officially handed over the Super Rally “handlebar” to the 2025 edition organizers, H-D Riders of Poland, on the UNCS stage on this year’s Rally closing day. All riders already looking forward to visiting Katowice, Poland, over June 4-8, 2025, should follow the official Rally Facebook page and website for more information.

Whether you visited this year’s Rally edition or not, on behalf of everyone involved, we would like to express a big THANK YOU for making the 2024 Super Rally® happen. We will now take some time to recover, but we are already sure we will be back sooner or later, aspiring for more events to come to the Czech Republic.

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