• Please email your request, containing (club name, no. of tents, area needed in m2, contact persons email & phone no) to
    by the submission deadline set to April 30th. We will do our best to accommodate all incoming requests.
  • Cars are not allowed to the camp site unless holding a special organizer permit to enter.
  • Caravans, motor homes and recreational vehicles will be allowed to entter however with limited days & hours to arrive/leave to maintain security in the campsite. There will be additional fee of EUR 50.00 charger per day for each vehicle.
  • Caravans, motorhome and recreational vehicles can arrive on Wednesday May 15th before 12:00pm and leave on Sunday 12:00pm after ONLY under the fee of EUR 50.00 per day.
  • Both, the credit cards and cash (EUR/CZK) will be accepted at the Super Rally camp site.
  • Tent camping is free of charge (already included in the entrance fee) and will be organized at first come, first serves basis in terms of space available at the camp site. No worries, there is plenty of room for everyone.
  • There will be 24/7 taxi service available for all Super Rally attendees for discounted rates in order to get everyone to their accommodation safely at all times.
  •  Other bike brands, that are not allowed to enter the Rally campsite will be provided a secured (fenced) parking area situate just left to the main gate. Please visit the location information by clicking HERE to learn more about the campsite including detailed map.
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed into the campsite unless approved by event organizer.
  • The booking of member club tents & pagodas can be done through email. Please let us know your desires about booking and we will get back to you along with the price quote, invoice and reservation confirmation.
  • We are sorry on this one…. Beer and tap rentals WILL NOT BE allowed on the campsite.


  • Our tradition is clear. Harley-Davidsons, Indians and Buells are the only bike brands that are allowed to enter the FH-DCE Super Rally® event area. Not any other. That is how it has been decades, and that is how it is now. All the other brand bikes should be able to guide to the designated parking place of “foreign brand bikes”.

  • Of course, anyone is welcome to enter the event at anytime. However if you plan on arriving by car or with another bike brand, you will have to leave it outside the campsite.
  • The event will official open for all bike riders on Wednesday May 15th at noon.
  • No motorbikes need a vignette for driving on a highway in the Czech Republic. However if you plan on arriving by car or other means of transport, you may wanna click HERE to purchase the e-vignetter and make sure you have all necessary information for your arrival.
  • Yes, kids are allowed to enter the campground.  Below the 15 years of age they can also enter the event free of charge.
  • We welcome all disabled to join us at the event. Please note, when you provide a proof of your disability, there is a PLUS ONE included in your ticket free of charge.

  • The official currency is Czech Crown (CZK) however payments in Euro (EUR) are accepted everywhere and will be also accepted at the camp site.
  • The breakfast will consist of 3 different options to select from. Continental breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage & bread) or Goulash soup w/bread or Croissant w/ham & cheese, sweet cake & apple along with a tea or coffee for each of above selections.
  • The breakfast will be served every day (Thursday through Sunday) nearby the main stage area in the “breakfast” tent from 8:00-11:00am towards valid breakfast voucher that each participant received at the entrance. Please note NO FOOD will be served without a valid voucher.
  • Every ticket holder can sign up to the H-D prize draw, that will be held on the UNCS stage on Saturday around 7PM. In order to participate in the lotteray, you have to submit your information (receive in the Rally pack booklet) at the H-DC Moravia booth by the submission deadline set to Saturday 5PM.


  • The pre-sale of Super Rally tickets is now on. You can purchase your ticket in advance HERE and enjoy a smooth arrival to the Rally camp ground.
  • Once you finish your ticket purchase HERE, you will receive confirmation via email containing a QR code (make sure to check your SPAM folder if you do not receive one). Please keep the pdf confirmation with you upon arrival in your mobile device or in a printed hard copy. The QR code will scanned (can only be used once) at your arrival and you will be able to enter.

  • The fare EUR 85 per person includes the entrance fee, place for a tent, 4x breakfast (Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun) and a Rally gift bag for every attendee.
  • Unfortunately, the entrance fee EUR 85.00 stays the same if you arrive for the first day, last day or just few hours to visit your friends.

  • No, the co-rider counts as another attendee and needs to pay a full entrance fee of EUR 85.

  • Entrance capacity is NOT limited to a specific number of attendees. However, we recommend purchasing tickets in the pre-sale HERE in order to get a smooth arrival to the campsite.


  • If you are sleeping in the tent, there is not reservation needed. If you are looking to stay at nearby location hotel or appartement, contact our staff via request form at accommodation section of this website to help you with your reservation.

  • All other accommodation (except regular tent camping) inside the campsite has been SOLD OUT so it’s not possible to book it. There are still rooms available in the surrounding areas of the campsite. Please visit ACCOMMODATION section of this website and submit your room request the better the sooner as the capacities are getting lower every day.
  • You will receive detailed CHECK IN information including facility address, contact person and all necessary details for your arrival about 2 weeks prior arrival via email. Make sure to stay tuned then, we are looking forward to your arrival to Czech coming up soon!


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