All you need to know for your Super Rally® 2024 arrival

All you need to know for your Super Rally® 2024 arrival

All you need to know for your Super Rally® 2024 arrival 1920 1080 Super Rally 2024

All you need to know for your Super Rally® 2024 arrival

We’re just a few days and hours away from the official FH-DCE Super Rally® 2024 gate opening. Here’s the list of important arrival guidance provided by the organizers.


We encourage you to purchase tickets in advance online to expedite your arrival. You can do so via THIS LINK until Saturday, May 18th. This will help us operate the entrance gate as efficiently as possible. For pre-sale tickets, please have them ready either in printed form or on your phone when arriving at the gate.

PLEASE NOTE that each ticket has a unique QR code that can only be scanned once. If you’re distributing tickets to others, ensure they are not mixed up.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket online, you can buy them upon arrival at the Rally entrance gate for the same price – EUR 85.00. We accept major credit cards as well as cash payments at the Rally.


Gates open on Wednesday, May 15th, at 12:00 PM. If you’re arriving with a motorhome, caravan, or recreational vehicle, you MUST arrive before this deadline (preferably Tuesday night or Wednesday before noon) as no vehicles will be allowed to enter after the gate officially opens.

There is a fee of EUR 200.00 for the entire stay for such vehicles entering (plug and electricity included). If you need assistance with transporting items from the parking lot, a 4-wheel bike service will be available to transport your belongings from the parking to your desired space inside the campsite.


Every ticket holder will receive a Rally Pack upon passing through the entrance gate. This includes a bag with the Super Rally® logo, a Rally official pin, a 50% discount voucher to Aqualland Moravia, and the official Rally brochure. Please note that inside the official Rally brochure, there is a tear-away part with 4x breakfast vouchers and an H-D lottery form, so make sure not to lose it.

Breakfast costs are already included in your Rally ticket and will be served from 7:30 AM until 11:00 AM every morning (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). You can find the breakfast area on the official campsite map.


If you have reserved a bungalow or cottage inside the campsite, you can pick up the keys to your accommodation at the gate front desk right behind the entrance.

For reservations outside the campsite made through our website, you should have already received check-in/arrival instructions via email. For any additional questions, please contact the facility directly using the contact information provided in the instructions.


For club tent area reservations made in advance via email, please report to the INFO POINT upon your arrival. We have reserved the area for all clubs that made such requests. Our staff will be happy to lead you to your reserved club tent area when you arrive.


Please note that police officers will be randomly checking the alcohol level of riders in the main entrance area. There is ZERO ALCOHOL TOLERANCE ALLOWED IN OUR COUNTRY, so please be aware of this. There will also be a scanner located on the driveway to search for motorcycles in the stolen vehicle registry.


There is a unique amusement program in place for this year’s Rally edition. Make sure not to miss anything by reviewing the schedule in advance HERE. The official Rally opening will take place on Friday, May 17th, at 7:00 PM at the UNCS stage, and the H-D lottery prize will be drawn at the same time/location on Saturday, May 18th. We wish you a wonderful time!


The speed limit inside the campsite is restricted to a maximum of 20 km per hour, so please respect this rule and be mindful of other rules provided in the Rally Pack official brochure. Please do not leave any valuables in unlocked areas; everyone is responsible for their own belongings. Medical services will be available 24 hours throughout the event.


Event organizers, including security personnel, will wear badges and will be available to answer your questions. In case of trouble or if you need assistance, please report to the INFO point center located just after passing the main gate.

On behalf of the entire organizing team, we wish everyone safe travels and great fun at this year’s Rally edition. Let’s make it a respectful, beautiful, and legendary time together!

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