“Behind the scenes” of the FH-DCE Super Rally® 2024

“Behind the scenes” of the FH-DCE Super Rally® 2024

“Behind the scenes” of the FH-DCE Super Rally® 2024 1920 1080 Super Rally 2024

“Behind the scenes” of the FH-DCE Super Rally® 2024

Welcome all bikers to the FH-DCE Super Rally® in sunny Pasohlavky, Czech Republic – one of the biggest Harley-Davidson Rally in Europe. This year we will enjoy the warm hospitality of Harley-Davidson Club Moravia.

There is a lot of experience behind the preliminaries of this rally, and I am sure this event will be a warm feeling, colorful and extremely well organized international gathering to us all, old and new friends in our Harley family. The organizer, Harley-Davidson Club Moravia has built up this event with deep enthusiasm.

Again, this FH-DCE Super Rally® organization has built up this event with big heart, MADE BY FRIENDS FOR FRIENDS, therefore we can enjoy pleasant and memorable happening. This is exactly what our Harley community Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe stands for.

We also need You too to make this “heaven on earth” to come true! Events like the FH-DCE Super Rally® can be success only if all participants and guests do what is necessary to make their stay a nice and happy get-together. Enthusiasm, togetherness, and the love for a shared hobby are the ingredients for this fantastic weekend.


Harley-Davidson is a way of life, it gives us the opportunity to ride near and far, alone – or even better – with good friends. Riding a Harley-Davidson is meeting old and new friends and discovering other countries, cultures; procreate friendship and reduce prejudices.

Every year, on Pentecost weekend, you’ll find the FH-DCE Super Rally® at a different place in Europe, organized by a different member club of the FH-DCE. This is the most European Harley-Davidson Rally you can imagine.

This is all packed in the FH-DCE Super Rally®, on every year.

Organizing a FH-DCE Super Rally® is a serious matter. It needs lot of experience, preparation, time and knowledge and there is always a financial risk for the organization. The weather is big factor, and we cannot make it right every time. Some go for the music, some just for the party, but we all go to meet each other and to have a nice time on the road and the rally area.

We are extremely grateful to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company who has created such a magnificent machine to produce enjoy in our daily life and specially that they donate brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle that will be raffled away at the Saturday evening to one of us…and all paying guests qualify. This year it is a 2024 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard.

We are the family of more than 110 H-D clubs with over 30 000 members from almost all European countries. The FH-DCE was officially founded during the Presidents’ Meeting in Austria in 1991 and today we are accepted under law as a nonprofit association. The Federation complies with EU standards regarding its organization. The FH-DCE Super Rally® name and the FH-DCE logo are registered trademarks owned exclusively by the FH-DCE member clubs.

For more information about the FH-DCE and to joining us see our website www.fhdce.eu or the official FH-DCE Super Rally® webpage www.superrally.com.

Sakari “Sakke” Rantanen
Federation Secretary
Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe

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